Take care of your roof now and save later.


If you are in need of a new roof, roof repair, or roof replacement, Davis will provide you a hassle-free, zero-obligation quote.


You can expect:


  • A transparent process
  • FREE damage analysis
  • FREE estimates
  • A timeframe


Complete Roofing Restoration or Building from the Ground Up


Davis Roofing provides a crew of professional experienced roofers, led by a seasoned foreman, to compete the full roof installation from start to finish. We will quickly and efficiently take the appropriate steps to install a pristine, sturdy roof over your head.


Roofing Tear Off


If a complete roofing restoration is in order

, the Davis Roofing crew will tear off the existing shingles and subsequent layers without damaging the structure of your home. We do this with great care, keeping your property clear of debris and discarding at the end of the day.


Ice Guard


Once the structure of the roof has been inspected and is ready for priming, ice guard, a self adhesive protective sheet is applied to areas commonly affected by snow, ice, water, and any kind of condensation. This measure is taken to protect your roof from leaks that can freeze over the winters and expand shingles. According to Ohio Building Code, ice guard must be applied in the valleys of the roof and at the edge of the gutter, however, we apply ice guard to all surface penetrations for added leak protection.


Roofing Underlayment


Once the ice guard has been properly applied, we will install your choice of a synthetic or felt underlayment. The underlayment provides added strength and durability to the roof, as well as further leak resistance. We will discuss your material options with you to help you determine the right solution based on budget and long-term wear and tear.




Next we install flashing at the joints and angles of the roof to further prevent water buildup and leaks.




Davis Roofing stands behind every job and in order to do this, we must use top-of-the line materials. You can rest assured that the GAF shingles used on your home are the best option out there. In addition to quality, you have access to a number of options when it comes to the aesthetics of your shingles. Our manufacturer offers a number of different styles and colors to suit your needs.


From start to finish, you can expect a top-notch, quality roof supported by outstanding customer service.


Clean Up


Once your project is complete, we make sure your property is thoroughly cleaned of any debris. We also sweep your whole property with a strong magnetic roller to ensure no nails are left behind!

Shingle Styles – GAF Timberline HD

We've had Davis Roofing come out to help with 2 issues on our roof, and they have been very responsive. Brian is extremely professional and honest. In the past I've had roofers who I felt were trying to "sell" me on higher cost fixes, and that is not at all the case with Davis Roofing. It's good to know that I can trust them to follow up quickly, and give me good, honest advise on what is needed. I wouldn't hesitate to call Davis Roofing if I have any issues in the future.

-Ryan Sibley

Powell roofing contractor

Davis Roofing is a great local resource. Brian is very professional and honest about the condition of your roof and will help with insurance claims if needed. I use Davis Roofing as a resource for my investment properties and when the time comes for my personal residence to need a roof, I know who I will be calling.

- Dean Curry

Powell roofing contractor

Davis Roofing helped us with a repair issue for a customer, and they were incredibly pleased. This customer was out of the Columbus metro area, and their charge to handle this for us was very reasonable. I will always be using Davis Roofing for all of our future repair and replacement roof issues.

-Dan Dragin

Powell roofing contractor

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